ADSM from China

A very recent publication just released in China on ‘Active Disassembly’ (AD) and ‘Active Disassembly using Smart Materials’ (ADSM). See this also here.

Zhifeng Liu, Xinyu Li, Huanbo Cheng and Yifei Zhan 

Hefei University of Technology 



Basic review of the paper:

The first third of the paper is centred around work conducted by Chiodo with further work conducted by others with assessments. Much of this work is by Liu, Li, Cheng and Zhan. 

“This chapter discusses the principles of multi-step active disassembly, proposes the method of products multi-step active disassembly and divides the step of product parts according to the step division principle of multi-step active disassembly products. In addition, this chapter also proposes step division process of multi-step active disassembly products and determines parts in each step according to the process. Materials which have the same trigger medium and different trigger strength are used as active disassembly material, ensuring that trigger strength (such as temperature, magnetic field strength, etc) of active disassembly device which is in different disassembly step forms gradient. Trigger strength of active disassembly device increases along with the disassembly step from low to high. The joints which are in the same disassembly step use the active disassembly devices which have the same trigger strength. In different disassembly steps, install active disassembly parts according to the gradient. Lastly, disassemble the products by sending it to the different work areas.”


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