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‘Active Disassembly’ (AD) technology is a method of disassembling products into their separate components.

Any singular or combination use of specifically engineered and/or Smart materials, adhesives, layers and parts, integral or discrete, play a key role within AD.

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AD offers the cleanest, non-destructive, quick & efficient component separation; or in liquids, clean segregation. The term ADSM (Active Disassembly using Smart Materials) is synonymous with Active Disassembly.

AD technology has been strategically placed for the efficient savings of Rare Earth Elements (REEs). Since its onset, AD has concentrated on salvaging a local solution to the re-acquisition of REEs, Precious Metals (PMs), high quality polymers and other product constituents.

We advance AD development in many consumer markets. This website provides up-to-date resources: AD, ADSM, R&D, guidelines & projects.