Active Disassembly in Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2013

Active Disassembly was explored by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2013 in their main feature:

“Explore More” – “Engineering the Circular Economy” on the 9th of October, 2013.

See the write up by Colin Webster in full at: Chapter 1: The art of design for disassembly.


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Design for Disassembly Blog   but it’s a cross blog topic:


What “could be” …. current R&D and master website:

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Laptop Disassembly: complex as they get Part 3

In the Design for Disassembly blog, I started a new laptop disassembly study. This is the third of many. The last one on this website has the entire photo set in Part 2.

After 1000s disassembly experiments over the last 20 years, what better way to investigate and hone the DfD process.
Stay tuned in the future for an unabridged ‘Design for X’ (DfX) strategy book or set of books.

Laptop photos of the first ‘DesignforDisassembly’ blog 1 and blog 2 and blog 3:

Part 3:

Part 2:

Part 1:

Dr. Joseph Chiodo

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