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However (in addition to the original posting on ‘Blogger’), we’d like to think about how ‘Active Disassembly’ (AD) could be incorporated into such a great concept. The short answer to this question is, YES. Phonebloks is about a ‘Design for Modules’ (DfMod) concept, an Eco-Design technology method to extend product component lives and adapt the product structure with upgradable components and technology within the existing or new modules.

Because AD technology offers controlled disassembly within a hierarchical regime, AD can be used to frame the modules. Further to this, there are more advance options of the technology that can be applied. For example, connection devices could be controlled by electronic triggering which in itself can be triggered with latent battery power while the phone or candidate product

This can be considered a mastery of ‘Design for Modules’ (DfMod). This is a great example of ‘Design for Disassembly’ (DfD) Concept. If this can make the market, this will be a great interpretation of Eco-Design.

The original posting was in Sept, 2013:

Phonebloks – The Ultimate phone concept

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And more recently, end of Oct 2013,

Phonebloks – The next step in building a phone for the future

So excited to see what the future brings!


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